Discover the universe of Gemma Fine Jewelry’s extravagant pieces. As we harmoniously combine our ancestral and modern knowledge of diamonds and expertise in the design of fine jewelry, we are able to create and craft extraordinary pieces, as you’ve never seen before. Gemma challenges the potential and beauty of diamonds to break the barriers, delivering rare and unparalleled grandeur and grace.   


Gemma Fine Jewelry was founded by Ori Vechler in 2013 and has earned its prestigious reputation, internationally. From the generations before him, Ori blossoms from a large family of jewelry and diamond traders. He acquired his GIA Certificate (Gemological Institute of America) in Israel, and studied the art of trading diamonds and jewelry design along some of the greatest diamantaires, masters and legacies of the business. With vast experience in the industry of diamonds, Ori left Tel Aviv, Israel, one of the largest diamond exchange hubs in the world, and set his path onto China. Ori Vechler now travels between Hong Kong and Shanghai taking on the Asian market to create his one-of-a-kind bespoke jewelry.




Every diamond which dazzles in our jewelry, receives its own careful attention from our workshop as it undergoes the process of becoming a rough diamond to reaching the atelier where they are transformed into precious works of art. The quality of diamonds is crucial as they define the design the future of the jewel. Each one of our bespoke pieces are meticulously handcrafted in our atelier, taking more than hundreds of hours to create Gemma Fine Jewelry’s unique designs. 

Ori Vechler




Gemma Fine Jewelry has created a cool and luxurious atmosphere dripping in diamonds as it displays variations of glorious sparkle. The showroom allows clients to admire and design or purchase a piece which they will cherish forever. Book an appointment with us today to visit and experience the Gemma Fine Jewelry showroom.




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In order to maintain the current market and seek new and exciting potential markets, it is essential for Gemma Fine Jewelry to cultivate its global presence. Therefore we are consistently traveling the world to respond as seamlessly as possible to our clients exclusive needs.


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